Top Ten Best Comedians in Kenya- 2020

Kenya is home to some of the best comedians in Africa. They are funny and make you laugh in tears

2020 has not been a great year to most of us since the outbreak of covid-19. Staying at home can be boring. To relieve you from anxiety and stress,you need to watch some of the best comedians in Kenya 2020.

here is the list of top ten best comedians in Kenya 2020

1. Flaco Ras

Flaco is currently the talk of town right now as far as comedy is concerned. His creativity is out of this world. He plays various characters with the most common being ‘mama otis’. If you want a good laugh today check out his YouTube channel Flaco

2. YY Comedian

YY is a Kenyatta University graduate who performes on Churchill Show.His Jokes are funny and many ordinary kenyans can relate to. Since churchil show is not currently live,he is currently using his Facebook page that has more than 700k followers to deliver his jokes.You can also check out his YouTube channel that is uploaded with amazing videos everyday.

Other in the list are:

3.Erick Omondi.

4. Mc Jessy

5. Mammito

6. David the student

7. Mca Tricky

8.Creative Generation

9.Proffesa Hamo

10. Jasper Murume

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